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Why was I blocked?

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I had an email bounced back from one of my web design customers, stating in the header :

(reason: 501 5.7.1 <???[at]russhosting.com>... Sender refused by the DNSBL bl.spamcop.net)

The return/from address was my domain [at]russhosting.com, and was sent through my ISP mail server [at]execulink.com.

What has me concerned is that (i) I've never sent an unsolicited email in my life (I'm in the internet business and know better), and (ii) I was trying to communicate time-critical site updates to a paying web design client.

So, is it my domain (russhosting.com) or my ISP (execulink.com) that's been blocked, and how do we get it unblocked ASAP so I may communicate with my client? Alternately, who should my lawyer send a letter to? ;)

Russ Jackman

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The only way we can give you detailed information is if we know the exact IP address involved. The bounce message should have told you that. It sounds like it did not.

Without any further information, you can just read about the blacklist at http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml


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