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Spammers now hiding behind Cloudflare and others

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Over the past six months I've seen an alarming rise in spam -- particularly body enhancement and health or weight loss -- with host listed as ... I've reported several hundred.  Then I learn they ignore Spamcop and have their own reporting "form" ...

Who else has spam reports?   Would you be willing to hold them? Or, are you just not reporting them?

What makes me very mad is they openly admit they let all the cybercrime through, and have no responsibility for who uses their VPN and IP Address masking.  All their web site and so forth are completely automated and buffered from any contact.  For all I know, it's actually a middle Eastern terrorist cell running it.  Their income is in the millions.

So today, if you want to send millions of spams, just put in two redirects, and host them at 

I've reported 60 or so through their form, which is a five-step form that only accepts one domain at a time.  I pressed them on the point that after I've reported the attack, they can no longer claim not to know who is sending or what the nature of it is.  So they're obviously covering up the fact of how rich they're getting off of shielding the cybercrime industry.

I do not think SpamCop is adding them to the black lists since they haven't shown up anywhere.

It should be illegal.



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