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unintended munge of my headers

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I choosed in the preferences the option "Leave spam copies intact" and report my spam by quick reporting.
But when I look in the reports in the web interface, then I see that my email adresses was munged.

For example in the report 6677427600 I see this header:
To: <x>

In the original mail there stand a email adress of my domain. I report emails of different mail accounts with endless mail adresses (similar like catch-all on different domains)

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FYI only you can see the report identified by the "Report id" that you provided.  You should have provided the "Tracking URL"

As a test I suggest you use submit for a spam and send yourself a copy of the report.  I believe you will see that the report sent is not munged.  It is confusing, when looking at history either by Tracking URL or Report id the header is munged.

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