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Delist my domain

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Hi ,

My domain name is  - http;\\www,maccoutsourcing,com

Recently Spamcorp sent the report my some mail as spam to my hosting services provider. So hosting provider block my domain. i have all the mail and spam mail deleted from my mail account. Could tell me how to delist my domain from spam list? my hosting and mail server is in separate server. My mail in google web mail after your spam reporting my mail is going as spam and not receiving some mail to client. Please delist my domain from blocked list and spam.



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Assuming there was a single report, by now your IP has already automatically been removed from the SpamCop Blocklist.  You can go to https://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml and check your IP and learn more about the process.
IF on the other hand there have been several reports, on going reports or your system has sent email to a SpamCop spam trap (which would not have been reported to you) automatically being removed from the BL will take longer.

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