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Are you reporting the spam you receive to SpamCop?  Are you or your email ISP using any filtering for you incoming email?

On 10/9/2017 at 9:08 PM, IamInnocent. said:

The Chinese are not interested in responding to any of my messages.

It is never a good idea to respond to spammers. See Spammer rule #1, Finnell's Corollary

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Unless you're prepared to have a deluge of spam, or you are willing to spend time and energy having some fun with them, don't respond to spammers.

Use services such as SpamCop to report spam. It might seem like you're not getting any useful response from providers, but I have occasionally had feedback to indicate that action has been taken.

If you or your ISP are able to, use of blacklists and blocking lists such as the SCBL can be a big help stopping spam in its tracks. Reporting the spam you receive to Spamcop will help them build and maintain their list.

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I noticed that I cannot log in. My username doesn't exist and my password is not working. But my email address can be found. How do I report spam then? I read everything I could find on this site but it is still unclear to me how to report the spammers who spam me 24/7.

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