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Live Websites With Lists of User Names

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I was doing a Google search of my user name today and most of what came up were my posts here in the Spamcop lounge from a couple of years ago. One other that caught my eye though, I thought, what is my name doing on this site? A site for tuning supercars? When I opened the page, it seemed to be a typical "Meet Russian Brides" phishing scam site, but when I scrolled down it turned into a really, really long list of either user names or possibly email addresses. Now, I did send an abuse report to the site's hosting provider, but we all know how that goes. Also, in the search for the hosting company, I found that there are two more sites using that IP address. Those sites each use a slightly different format, but the end is still the same. Thousands of user names (or partial email addresses (easier to figure out the other half than to make up names). Sorry, I can't post any links on here, and at this point I'm even a little reluctant write out the sites names (even broken up) as I had intended to post this anonymously, but don't think that I am. 

Anyway, more to the point, if the sites are not removed in the next 24 hours (time frame the host said was given to the domain owners to respond), any suggestions as to the most effective way to proceed. And really, who knows how many others like these are out there, just hiding in plain site. It seems that I have a bit of a knack for finding out things that I (no one else for that matter) am not suppose to know. Thing is, now that it's been seen, I can't just unsee it, so I won't be able to let it go. Any suggestions are welcome (except stupid ones of course).    

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UPDATE: I decided to give a report to IC3 Division of the FBI, so we'll see what happens from there. Pretty sure that they are email addresses minus the messaging provider, then when a list is purchased a key is provided to unlock the full address. Each site is separated into "blogs", there are anywhere from 5 to 10 "blogs" per page, then at least thirty pages or more per site. The page that contained the "blog" that I found my address in was on page fifty-nine. That site, according to MY IP gets 6500 hits a day. And the three sites combined do not contain thousands of addresses as I said earlier, but millions. One list that I made a full page screen capture PDF of, took 35 minutes to create, and is a one-hundred and seventy megabyte file. Never really thought of fighting spam from this angle, but if the FBI can shut down this list provider it's almost like a major drug bust. Take away the product and the addicts have nothing to use:-)

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