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Hi. I am having problems on my e-mail pages, if there is a link to click, so I can go onto that site ?

I used to be able to click on a link and it would take me to the site I clicked onto .now it doesn't. what can I do Please. I did have to put my ' system restore '

pack into my 'puter' but I have done so before and everything turned out fine.....but this time I have the above problem.....forgive me if I don't use the correct 'jargon ' but I am in my 70's and that is something I still have to learn.....

hope some kind person out there can help me.

Have a nice Day thank you


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I am not exactly sure what issue you are describing, but I am going to guess that you cannot successfully load websites after clicking on hyperlinks in your tesco webmail...

If your question was how to get into you mail to begin with then go to:


Otherwise the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles may be useful:

Links not properly opening from Outlook Express

Links not properly opening from Internet Explorer

Also, since you recently performed a system restore it would likely be wise to make use of the Windows Update site to ensure that your computer is updated properly.

Welcome to the SpamCop web forums,


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