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I would like to know how does Spamcop deals with complaints sent to postmaster#chinanet.cn.net[at]devnull.spamcop.net ( for example )

Is there a formal complaint lodged to the culprit or is it simply forgotten in a statistical log ?

I once sent a personnal complaint to chinanet.cn.net and the e-mail bounced right back to me.

I would love to have those damn chinese know they annoy the internet community. :angry:

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They know; they just don't care. They need to be taught that this attitude is entirely unacceptable, without starting World War III.

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The only spam I report these days are from them:

spam report id 681056584 sent to: abuse[at]comcast.net

spam report id 681056586 sent to: spamcop[at]imaphost.com

spam report id 681056590 sent to: abuse[at]cybernara.net

spam report id 681056594 sent to: abuse[at]elim.net

spam report id 681056597 sent to: help[at]bittel.net

spam report id 681056605 sent to: ip[at]bittel.net

spam report id 681056610 sent to: spamrelay[at]certcc.or.kr

spam report id 681056621 sent to: postmaster[at]cybernara.net

spam report id 681056626 sent to: abuse[at]bittel.net

spam report id 681056629 sent to: postmaster[at]bittel.net

20 unsollicited e-mail messages A DAY, always for the same thing.

Could I sue Comcast for harassment ? :lol:

It's out of control ! :angry:

Edited by PierJes

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