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Dumb spam

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Tracking URL

We seem to be at the end of this run.  Poor "Katie" has forgotten how to uses the spam tool.


It appears to be that, (), is your password.

In addition to spam sent to my real mailboxes for the passed two weeks, this one was also sent to all the "standard" invalid boxes at this domain.  Prices varied from $1100 to $1800.  Those I looked at all came from some .ru TLD.  I didn't think to double check the bitcoin addresses to see they too were a "form" variable or not.

Conformation of the Spammer Rules "Spammers are Stupid" and Spinosa's Corollary


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Also a side note, is that the spammer seems to be trying to rotate between base64 and plain text in order to use the password reported through spamcop to determine which email or password comes back.

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