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Parser improvement request

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Hello all,

If you look at this spam body extract you will see a lot of useless Anchor html tags :

Content-Description: arduous addle0.dew
We sent you an email a while ago, because you now qualify for a new mortgage.<BR>
You could get $300,000 for as little as $600 a month!<BR>
Ba<A href="http://www.daybreak.org"></A>d cr<A href="http://www.formosa.org"></A>edit is no problem, you can pull cash out or refinance.<BR><BR>
Please click on this link for fr<A href="http://www.bookshelf.org"></A>ee consulta<A href="http://www.agribusiness.org"></A>tion by a mortgage broker:<BR>
<a href="http://www.riterates.net/?id=m15">Start Saving Here</a>
Best Regards,<BR>
Corina Moody

<P align=left><FONT face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size=1>For 
em<A href="http://www.fedders.org"></A>ail re<A 
href="http://www.exotica.org"></A>l, g<A 
href="http://www.flowery.org"></A>o <A 

That seems clearly targetted against spamcop parser, since the MUA won't show the useless links to the recipient except the "good" one (here www.riterates.net), but SPAMCOP parser is fooled and refuse to report on the motive that there are "Too many links".

Obviously a link with no text shouldn't be counted since it will not be displayed to the email recipient.

So, could you spamcop guys do a slight modification to your parser and ignore non human viewable readable links ?

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That's a great idea! You're not the first to have it, nor are you the first to suggest it here. Unfortunately, TPTB don't yet think it's good enough to actually implement. :(

There is another purpose to these links, and that is breaking up words and phrases that would otherwise be recognized as spammy, in this case "Bad credit", "free consultation", and "For email removal, go here".

I don't subscribe to the escalation theory of why not to implement that idea, as putting any text between the start and end tags would cause that text to be have a telltale blue color and underline in most browsers' default color configurations, revealing to the spammee that something was fishy.

Edited by Jeff G.

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