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HabuL & Thunderbird v60.0.3

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Well they have finely done it! Thunderbird v60.0.3 is not compatible with to unsupported (But necessary) HabuL!

When I tried to forward as an attachment to SpamCop that too failed.  Attached emails seemed to be forwarded in line NOT as an attachment.

Be warned.  I was able to revert to 59.0b2  With 100+ spam a day...

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I'm running HabuL 1.21.0 with Thunderbird 60.3.0 (32-bit) on Windows 10 64bit with no issues. I did have to use a kludge to trick Thunderbird from not disabling it however.

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Can you share?  Being out of the line of security updates is not a good situation.

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15 minutes ago, Lking said:

Can you share? 

I found when I upgraded Thunderbird from the v59 series to V60, Thunderbird disabled HabuL.  I am puzzled how you even were able to use HabuL to send an inline attachment as I couldn't load it at all.  Anyhow, like you, I bounced back to v59 immediately until I discovered a way to trick Thunderbird.

Take the original habul-1.21.0-sm.xpi installation add-on file and copy it to one say habul-1.21.0-smThunderbird60.xpi.  Open the newly copied package with 7-zip and look for a file named install.rdf.  Edit it within the 7-zip program. Look for a installation statement  

 and change it to


69 is an arbitrary number that will hopefully carry us along through the line of security updates.  Don't know how long it will work for us though???

I think I just reinstalled the update right over the top of 59.  But removing the add-on and reinstalling should work too. 

I also like to ensure Thunderbird is configured to send as Attachment as a default as I do other things spam related without habul.. Tools>Composition>General "tab">As Attachment.

Hope this helps!

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