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Abuse - -> ripe@mgn.net

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Responsible organisation: PROSODIE SAS
Abuse contact info: ripe@mgn.net

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inetnum: -


descr: Softcomputing

country: FR

admin-c: EPS40-RIPE

tech-c: EPS40-RIPE


mnt-by: MGN-MNT

created: 2012-02-28T16:41:43Z

last-modified: 2012-04-02T14:44:33Z

source: RIPE


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person: Equipe Projet SoftComputing

address: Prosodie

address: 8 rue grange dame rose

address: 78147 Velizy

address: France

phone: +33 (0)1 34 49 06 06

nic-hdl: EPS40-RIPE

e-mail: softcomp@projet.prosodie.com

mnt-by: MGN-MNT

created: 2012-04-02T14:43:49Z

last-modified: 2012-04-02T14:46:07Z

source: RIPE


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descr: Prosodie

origin: AS8784

notify: ripe@mgn.net

mnt-by: MGN-MNT

created: 2002-06-24T12:43:50Z

last-modified: 2009-10-27T11:19:31Z

source: RIPE

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