Hello Norbet, Sorry it's taken a while to get to this (partly thinking/pondering) I parsed using SC NOMAILHOSTS account  result: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6552696162zc69a145cc755ec5c7e058df9f70058bbz & I then did as you did, removed .  result: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6552701693z0f0a16068c0f32eb79bf213e6cee702az Both methods result in a successful parse still@mits.ru abuse@hootsuite.com  --------------------------------------------------------- So, unless I'm mistaken, we've concluded the parser can process if the . is removed and or can process using a NO-MAILHOSTS configured account. To SCFA & SCA (still 🤔 if they're one and the same or just share a 🛏) **Is the . issue a real SC issue & fixable or a perceived issue? ** What is it about SC accounts with MAILHOSTS configued that SC is  unable to process spams with . issue? Surely , as . issue keeps presenting, it fit's the criteria for: attention/review, at the very least?  🙏G🦗H🙏 ---------------------------------------- Just for interest:  Digging (deeper) https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/ abuse@selectel.ru on https://www.talosintelligence.com/reputation_center/lookup?search=  = ow.ly = abuse@amazonaws.com https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/8ef4ed0e21da1546109e27b2b861d6ddf0bcccc8fa5a52f45866699ee3ed5db1/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ip-address/