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I found this little goody this morning... went to the site and found NOTHING about their spam services.


Site: SpamCop.Org

This fine site offers two services. First, you can enter information about the spammer and they will report it to the appropriate authorities. The second, and more significant, feature is you can add your email address to their list. Apparently many marketing organizations use this list as a filter for their mailing lists.

This is actually a very cool way to filter some spam from your inbox. It's obviously not perfect since it depends upon spammers using the lists, but if it removes even 10% it's worth the couple of minutes to add your address.

I suppose the fact that the word "spamcop" isn't mentioned anywhere on their site, and they are based in Florida doesn't mean much.... :rolleyes:

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I always knew there was a .com, the .org appeared to be something new to me. Of course, I google AFTER I post, not before. Apologies for that!

It's nice to see them as they are below :)

(Found thanks to dnsstuff)

MX =




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