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A New Kind of Blocking List

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We need to hurt the people who are paying the spammers, hurt their bank account. I'm sure everyone savvy enough to use Spamcop follows the rule that goes, "Never, NEVER buy from spam!"

Towards that end, I would want to avoid spam-paying e-tailers even if Jeeves/Google/Yahoo turns up their name in a legitimate search for a product.

I would like to get a list of the sites Spamcop turns up when preparing reports, URLs or IP addresses, I will whois them. Reading the reports, it is not clear whether the report is going to the administrator of an open relay, the spammer's ISP, etc.

I know there are plenty of phony names and thousands of redirects, but I would happily spend the time to research the top 50 spammers.

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Hello friend.

I can't add new topic. And so I desided that this topic is the best for my sugestion.


What we have now:

~60 DNS black lists whith some update speed (not very fast)

OR filters on SMTP servers, which uses this DNS black lists

BUT!!! Spammers are faster than our "spamm reporters" !!!

We need faster update mechanism! That is the first thing.

The second is that we block only spammers, but not spamm-scanners, who creates and updates spammers Data Bases

What I want to do:

I want to resolve all that 2 problems.

BUT I can't write all here, because, spammers can read this.

I need SPAMCOP and ISP administration's help to make my project alive.

HELP me please me to realize it !!!

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In my signature I recommend the Installation of IE-SPYAD Particularly for Parents. But I suspect this type of software could be worked on to block all web sites from spam friendly providers (which IMO it pretty much does now)

However it does cripple many features of (Genuine Part) Internet Explorer and Outlook Express so it does require a person of internet "savvy" to check the effectiveness of this non-genuine MicroSoft "Tack on"

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