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Subsume tech. is mad to somehing

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Its not a support request. I was suggesting a mac user (I use too) Subsume Tech spamcop mail plugin for OS X. Its a very advanced Applescript in fact.

I went to their site and seen this notice:


They were making it for no money in return, easing reporting from Apple mail.

Whats the deal?

I mean, I really couldn't understand what is happening so came here to ask.

Their plugin still works fine, downloadable and highly recommended by other users.

So, I think someone should take care of this thing. No, you can't make any mac user to open message source, copy paste it to spamcop etc :) I know the community.

It also has X-Helper or something on its mail to spamcop, so if you check the statistics somehow, you would be amazed.

I don't think they are mad to spamcop, they are mad to something else.

You can't imagine the help they do to community and the amount of free stuff they offer.

Lets fix it :)

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This has been addressed so many times before. Try the search application here (top of screen) .. to scope down the results a bit, try the advanced mode, use subsume as the keyword, use wazoo as the poster, select all Forums .... and these are only the times it's been brought up "in here" .... the archives of the newsgroups have even more (of the original traffic) ... Bottom line, the developer was breaking reporting rules on his own, got excited when this was pointed out, attitudes escalated, and this is where it was left at. This is ancient history.

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