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Jeff G.

DNS Blacklists

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The following is from the Blacklists / Blacklist Filters page, in its secure and insecure forms, modified in form for posting here:

Select the DNS Zone blacklists you want to use. DNS blacklists are used by SpamCop to identify possible spamming IP addresses or misconfigured mail relays. Only the SpamCop blacklist is run by SpamCop. All others are run by independent third parties with no connection to SpamCop and have their own criteria for who to list. The default selection is to query only the SpamCop list. To potentially stop even more spam, try one or more of the other lists. The more lists you use, the higher the potential that legitimate email will be blocked.

[B]DNS Blacklist              DNS Zone                  Website[/B]
-------------              --------                  -------
SpamCop Blacklist  
SPEWS level 1    
DSBL open relays    
Spamhaus Blacklist
South Korea (the country)
China (the country)
Composite Blocking List 
Spamhaus XBL     
SORBS DNSbl       

I am using all the blacklists except South Korea (, only because I can't whitelist's mailservers in that country).

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The "China" entry is bogus in that Cluecentral took that RBL down almost a YEAR ago. There's at least one replacement out there that JT could probably plug in to fill the void....I've just posted elsewhere on this issue.


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