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Jeff G.

FAQ Entry: The Link Analysis Process

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Tried a dozen things - coming to the conclusion that the parser is only interested in text, skips anything where it is told about HTML. If it is NOT told about it, it handles HTML without a problem. Well, apart from wasting time looking at the standard www.w3.org link in the opening DOCTYPE comment.

Parse (that succeeds) with modified headers and body to remove content declaration and boundary definition shown:


(<!-- SpamCop::Web::Look $Revision: #17 $ produced by prod-sc-www1 -->)

Seems almost/exactly as if the parser has been modified to skip declared HTML sections of the body. This may have been a "temporary" measure several/many attempts ago in the lead-in to system updates - to keep things simple, reduce the variables for trouble-shooting. "Seems", only the engineers could say, I suppose.

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Using the Outlook workaround form does work.

It's not very funny to report every spam using the web form.

The last update kicked down the parser...

Created a ticket and will wait for response

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