Hello, I recently had the problem that I received spam, reported spam to spamcop, spamcop informed the hoster and the hoster deactivated *my* server. Looking into the issue, I found that my domain was mentioned in the spam email, that was pretty much the only text string I could read in the (Asian) email. I did not read "Please make sure this email IS spam:" confirmation page carefully enough, which most likely listed my domain, and the process started. I have not seen that int he past 10+ years I have been reporting to spamcop, but since then many times now.  Since the domain which is referenced in the spam email and my mail domain are the same, it should be trivial to catch such false positives by spamcop. I am just wondering if anything changed in the spamcop setup or if I can somewhere configure that spamcop never generates reports against my own domain submitted by me.   Many thanks Rainer