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"Hotmail" spam reporting stopped?

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For the past few weeks I've been receiving a couple of spams a day to my Hotmail account. All have a "PDF" payload attachment (usually with a nonsense name) and all come from garbagename(AT)hotmail.com.

I've reported them all, with spamcop sending reports to danorm(AT)hotmail.com.

Today's second arrival followed exactly the same format, except that spamcop wouldn't report it (to danorm or anyone else). Tracking link above shows the result of my attempt.

Doubtlessly tomorrow I'll have another couple to report, so I'll discover whether this was a one-off, or the new-normal. Has anyone else here suddenly been receiving spam from garbage hotmail accounts lately?


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If I am reading this correctly, it would appear that something has gone weird with the IP addresses on received lines 1 and 2.  The server names do not match, nor do the IPs match.  Either hotmail is not reporting all the received lines to you or else, this is a hotmail internal email.

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