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winelight would send report to spammer

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These guys aren't currently listed and my guess is that they are a clueless company rather than engaging in spamming as their primary business model.

Personally I'd send the report. The fact that they received the notification might cause them to reconsider. If not, it seeds the bl and if others have suffered then they will, eventually, get listed.


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Andrew (agsteele) usually knows what he is talking about so probably the info he gave about smartways.net is good.

Myself, if I were to send a report to the 'spammer' (and I have), I would send a manual report that was heavily munged (more than spamcop would allow) and from a throwaway address (or already heavily spammed account) with a paragraph about good mailing practices and a warning that sooner or later they will get picked up on a blocklist. If the response even hinted at listwashing, I would then find an upstream and alert the routing ng, unchecking the report box until it was changed. (or if there were no response). Sometimes though clueless companies pay attention so it is worth the effort.

Otherwise, their 'smart ways' might be to listwash reporters so they don't get caught and to sell your address to someone who isn't even close to being legitimate.

Miss Betsy

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