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mailhosts error: confirmation codes don't match

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[posted & e-mailed to deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net]


I'm trying to set up my SpamCop account with mailhosts. However, whenever I cut and paste the e-mail received into the web form, or forward as an attachment to SpamCop, I get an error saying that the confirmation codes don't match. The difference seems to be that the recipient address code reported by SpamCop is lowercase, whereas the header code is in mixed case. However, in the actual configuration e-mail I received (and returned), the code appears only in mixed case throughout (both headers and body).

Even more strangely, I get a blank "configuration success" message right after the error message.

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confirmation codes don't match has come up so many times, it became a FAQ entry. However, your decribed issue is new. Please follow-up with what the solution turns out to be, such that the FAQ can be updated. Also noting that Jeff G. created a Pinned entry within this Forum section also titled "Sorry, confirmation codes do not match:" - Why? but again, this entry addresses the 'standard' problem thus far documented here.

OK, after refreshing my memory a bit, the FAQ Entry: MailHost Configuration problems I was thinking of was never completed ... primarily due to the lack of feedback/input from those that would have the answers.

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