When a user first starts to add a mailhost (they click on add new host), a flag "noquick" gets set in their account. When they submit spam using VER from the held mail page, the quick report option is nonexistant and is replaced with the text "Quick reporting prohibited - see mailhosts menu item". When they submit spam using Jeff's "report as spam" or they forward spam to the quick submit address, they receive back the normal reply as if they had done a regular submit. Included in that reply is this text: "Quick reporting is prohibited until mailhost configuration is verified. Please report some spam received at each of your mail accounts manually, check the results carefully. When you are satisfied, use the mailhosts menu item to re-enable your quick reporting function." When users are in this mode, they can visit the mailhosts page from the main menu and see this " Remove quick-reporting prohibition If you are sure your mailhost configuration is working correctly, you may lift the ban on quick reporting here. Please ensure it does work by manually submitting and checking the spam report before sending it. Do not proceed unless the spam report appears to work correctly (does not identify your own service provider as the spam source). <Allow quick reporting>" And finally, on the "you must agree" add-mailhost page, I've added this paragraph: " SpamCop will initially prohibit "quick reports" (available to SpamCop email users) from your account. When you have tested reporting spam from all your mailhosts, you will be allowed to end this prohibition. Please double-check all your spam reports until you are satisfied that SpamCop correctly understands your configuration." I intend to keep this basic functionality beyond the beta period. It will be SOP for anyone adding mailhosts going forward. In addition, users who have successfully configured all mailhosts they have tried to configure do not have to re-confirm. However, usres who still have partially-configured mailhosts were imported, so they do have to confirm before they can do any more quick reports. -=Julian=-