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Partition Logic

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Working on a Dell Win-XP system, I ran into severe issues using a Ubuntu 7.04 Live-CD's version of qpartd to resize an NTFS partition. Bottom line, the utility said it 'worked' but then generated all sorts of errors while "growing the file system" .... at issue after that, re-running the same tool would allow for further growth in that partition, but no shrinkage. Where the 'real problem' came in was that although this Linux-based tool would 'show' the increased partition size, Win-XP was still reporting the same too-small partition that was causing me problems ...

Trying to use previous versions of qpartd resulted in error messages, resulting in no access allowed to the drive. Partition Magic 8 wouldn't go near the drive either.

So, while reseaching issues on this ... I ran across a suggested link to Partition Logic ... read what was there (much unfinished) .. downloaded the .ZIP, blew it out, burned the ISO, fired it up. Not only did it let me shrink the 'problem' partition with no issues, it also offered to 'fix' the other partition I'd created (using the qpartd tool) when I was trying to move files off of the primary partition to make some more available space ....

Quick, simple, clean layout, and it worked ....

Only complaint I can come up with right now .. the font (size) used is a bit hard for these old eyes and out-of-date prescription glasses to read, but again, the tool worked and worked well ....

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