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Some ISP's take SpamCop Reports seriously

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It should be noted that I do have robot replies disabled, but this is the first and only reply I have received to any of the reports I have filed over several years

Just thought I would post it here for others to see.


Thank you for your report concerning this Unsolicited Bulk Email


The account concerned has been identified and suspended under the

terms of the Sky Broadband Acceptable Use Policy.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this incident may

have caused.

Kind regards

Anthony Edwards


Sky Broadband Abuse Team


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SpamCop is said to have asked admins not to update complaints1, which would reduce the incidence of feedback (but not of any initial response, which, right enough is sparse if autoresponders/apparent autoresponders are taken out of the picture).

1Some reporters were regarding the responses as abuse in themselves. There was a discussion in the newsgroups about it, led by Anthony Edwards' reaction to

SpamCop have requested today that we no longer update complainants

once abuse incidents are resolved, on the basis that "By and large,

our users view responses from abuse desks as just more spam-related

email clogging up their inbox".

Read the thread at SpamCop regard responses to complainants as abuse

Needless to say, Anthony Edwards is one of the really good guys.

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Yes, it is a shame that people are in such a hurry nowadays that they don't read their mail carefully - and that the admin replies that are good news are so few and far between that many people thought the spammer was after them.

Because even though they are few and far between, it was always a joy to receive one!

Miss Betsy

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