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SPAM news item

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Thought this was interesting:


AOL to give away seized Porsche in spam case

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Internet giant America Online said it had seized a Porsche sportscar in litigation against spam, and would give the vehicle away to one of its members in a contest.

The announcement by the unit of Time Warner Inc. was the latest development in the legal battle against unwanted e-nail advertising, or spam.

AOL said it seized the 2002 Porsche Boxster convertible "at the successful conclusion of a legal action taken against the spammer" and would launch a sweepstakes to give it away "as a gesture of support and thanks to its members for their cooperation in the fight against spam and spammers."

"AOL has always placed our members in the driver's seat when it comes to spam fighting, and now we are going to put one of our members in the driver's seat of a spammer's sports car," said Randall Boe, AOL's executive vice president and general counsel.

"We are revving-up our fight against spam. For too long, spammers have taken too much away from AOL and our members -- including time, resources, and money. With the help of our members, we're striking back at spammers and aim to take away everything they acquired through profits made from spam. That means taking away their spam tools -- such as computers, routers, servers and other equipment, and their spam toys, including their houses, their boats, and their cars."

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From an article on "The Screensavers" last night, it appears that it's one of the banner ads seen at logon time for AOL users.

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