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OE recovery software

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If you are looking to recover your mail from outlook Express then you can try Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Standard - Email Recovery Software This Mailbox Recovery Software scans, extracts and saves e-mails from .mbx and .dbx files in which Microsoft Outlook Express stores messages and folders on the local drive. Phoenix email recovery software allows you to recover accidentally deleted messages that have been emptied from the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook Express.

For more information visit: http://www.stellarinfo.com/mailbox-recovery.htm

Admin edit: Appears to be a bit of spam .... extracted from http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8747 which was an issue described as e-mail disappearing feom a spamcop.net account after an attemtoed filter rule being applied at the spamcop.net server .... not a damn thing to do with OutLook Express ....

On the other hand, maybe there actually is someone out there that wants to spend $39 U.S. for something that exists elsewhere as FREE software ...???? so this is being extracted from where it was posted and moved to another Forum section .... debating with myself about simply moving this directly to the spam section

[Further edit] Spammy link broken, maintenance on the product appears to have ceased and just had another idiot (6 years later), even more clearly an SEO mechanic, tack on another link to yet another product unable to compete on the open market. That one moved off screen.

Edited by Farelf

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As stated / suggested, this just might be some great software. However, the sales pitch had nothing to do with the issue involved in the Topic it was posted into ... suggesting someone saw a Search Engine result, saw an opportunity to plug a product, went through the exercise to Register here, and came back to make the sales pitch.

This whole sequence has me looking at that it is totally a Forum spam issue .... if / when I get around to it, there will be a search done to see just how many times this action has occured elsewhere. It's not going to take more than one more example of this kind of posting to get this moved to the spam folder .. out of view from everyone, to include Search Engine bots.

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