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SpamCop.net WebMail AddressBook issues - 3 Dec 2007

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From the 'news' page at http://mail.spamcop.net/news.php ....

Dec 2, 2007

  • [15:58 EST] A couple of people had created shared address books in webmail, which were visible to other users. This was confusing to other users and shouldn't have been allowed, so this capability has been disabled. No user's address book was visible, except for those few that had been specifically marked as shared with other users.

From an e-mail this morning;

We know Turba (address book) is causing a lot of problems and have

started researching the upgrade. It is not a small task and there are a

few other more important issues that have to precede it, but we will be

upgrading it this month.


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