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Held Email Page Not Deleting

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Once again, I'm not sure if this is the "right" forum... but it appears to be. I have a client using Spamcop (mikehiles[at]spamcop.net) and he's having a problem that I haven't seen yet. On the held email page, he's unable to delete messages. Reporting (pass & whitelist) works fine. However, deleting a message or (report & delete) states that it's performed the requested action, but the messages in question remain in the held que. The only fix to get to the remaining emails after the first 100 fill up the que is to set up an IMAP account locally and then manually delete from the held que. This works.

I appreciate any admin looking into this, as it's frustrating the hell out of a new Spamcop user (my client) and it's stumping me.


Geoff Miller


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Not really, as this is apparently dealing with the E-Mail side of the house .. so when I post this, it'll be moved over there .... The first shot for help would be to point you to an existing Topic - http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=283 ... hope the answer is in there ... there also a number of Pinned Topics over in that Forum that may help, and to further confuse the issue for you, thee may be some specific set-up instructions that may help over in the E-Mail Setup Forum ... but I'm thinking that as the first link covers a lot of ground <g>

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