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[Resolved] Problems with Spamcop's download of POP3 mail

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I believe this problem is fixed as of a couple of hours ago. I think that everyone has had their mail POPped at least once correctly now this afternoon.

We're periodically polling all of the accounts. It might take a few hours for that to stabilize and get up to the normal frequency, but I expect mail to keep flowing in normally now.

Sorry about the problem. We're moving some services to upgraded systems. This one was tested, but we ran into an obscure problem that would cause it to work for a while, then quit, but only for some accounts.

If you see an issue where email is not POPped today for an hour or more, or tomorrow for more than half an hour, please email me at support[at] Replies here might be seen, but email will be faster and is tracked so I can see what's open and new.



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It all seems to be fine now. Many thanks for getting it fixed.
...Thanks, chrism! Marking this Forum thread as "Resolved."

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