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  2. Sven Golly

    SPAMCOP BREACH? Attn: Admin

    Microsoft Edge notified me on login to my Spamcop account that my Spamcop account and password had been exposed in a trove and recommended changing passwords (which I did). Do Spamcop admins have any comment?
  3. @petzl my chose is Private Internet Access They do offer a fixed IP.. It is part of the package but I have not seen the need. I can select which server I connect to but like you the closest one a 6 hour drive away.
  4. See if you can get a static IP from your VPN? Mine offers this but at a extra US$30 a year, I use WireGuard not openVPN problem for me the static IP is it is only available from Melbourne not Sydney (Australia), this gives my financial sites a hernia! They know I'm in Sydney. Melbourne is a 1,000Klm away.
  5. Thank you @RobiBue Any confusion may be my fault. My OP was an observation about the VNC I use to remotely access a Raspberry Pi I have in a system (in an other room.) This connection happens to be all within my LAN i.e. addresses 192.168.x.x all addresses behind the modem that connects me to the internet. As noted above, this is not a necessary restriction. The Raspberry Pi could be anywhere in the world with an internet connection. AND that introduces the security issue, The laptop I am using can be anywhere on the internet also. To address this larger security issue, the VNC application I uses makes me create a "Network"; a list of all the IP addresses that can connect using the VNC. Security issue (simplistically) solved. BUT creates the problem I posted. With the internet down I could not connect to the other computer on my LAN using the VNC, because network membership could not be check. As an aside I also us a VPN on the computer I normally used to connect to the internet, (browser, email, google, etc.). This really boils down to who do you trust? Do I trust my ISP or my VPN provider more? In a world without network neutrality, I trust my VPN more than Version (or whoever). As a result, my ISP sees a stream of gibberish all to one IP address. At my VPN provider's server, in say Chicago, the stream is decrypted and put back on the internet. Fun fact: when I shop at Home Depot, they suggest I can pickup stuff at the Niles, IL 60714 store. If I connect to a different one of my VPN provider's servers I get different results. This of course is different than the end-to-end encryption used by your bank.
  6. ok, just to clarify: VNC is Virtual Network Computing, which allows you to use another computer or system like "remote access", so you're basically running another system on the computer you are using. Just about any SBC (single board computer) e.g. Raspberry Pi or Arduino Mega are perfect examples thereof. You can attach keyboard and monitor to them, but using VNC is more efficient IMNSHO. VPN, on the other hand, is Virtual Private network, which encrypts the information you are sending over the ether (my choice of word for the WWW) from the device you are using to the VPN server that you are accessing to then continue over the web. They are two different beasts, and often VNC is run over a VPN connection. Lking's "translation" is absolutely on point 🙂. The same can be said with VPN as 'Your internet traffic through someone else's server' where that server usually knows the data you are sending and can read it, but every system in between sees only garbled data. Interestingly, you can install openVPN on RPi and connect from basically anywhere in the world to your home over VPN and then continue your connections from there although currently I'm not sure if you can access it with VNC at the same time... haven't tried that one out yet.... (lack of time)
  7. Yesterday
  8. quoting from openvpn.net My translation "Cloud" ==> 'Your data on someone else's computer' @KNERD Thanks for the link. With just 2 free I get into the same fix I;m in now with 2 laptops and 3 embedded controllers. Well 1 embedded, 2 on the workbench, but still. Looking at what I have, the required internet link is a "security feature." Each system is added to "My network" and there is a check before establishing a link.
  9. Maybe instead get OpenVPN, or OpenVPN Connect. OpenVPN is completely open source and free, but like many open source projects, not the best docs. For OpenVPN Connect, two free users, but not fully open source, and has a yearly license for more than two users. It is easy to set up. Neither requires internet to use.
  10. Spamnophobic

    New storm?

    Thank you all for your speedy replies. @gnarlymarley is definitely not one of my mailhosts as my latest mailhosts refresh confirms. I don't doubt that it is infected as Petzl says. @Petzl Thanks for your info on this machine. Somehow it seems to have fooled SpamCop into thinking it is one of my mailhosts. This happened to me before (and a number of other SpamCop users as I understood), and was only finally solved after administrative action by SpamCop staff. I would rather not elaborate on the technical details here, following advice by SpamCop administrators. But it was definitely a spammer trick to try to disable SpamCop reporting. Obviously this latest round of scare mails is potentially a lucrative business for these criminals and they really hope that this sort of action on (may I call them "Scareware" mails?) will hold off spam blocking long enough for them to have terrified many users worldwide into giving away, as I said, Heaven knows what. SpamCop admin, methinks urgent action is once again required. See my previous thread on this problem. Thanks.
  11. Move over. We need more room in that boat!
  12. That statement alone sends shivers down my spine... now I worry what information I might have been sending through the "ether" (even though hopefully encrypted) and who is getting that information... or who could access my devices without my knowledge...
  13. Last week
  14. Things are getting better. Sundays outage was only about 12 hrs. their one FaceBook post didn't know why but suggested maybe it was a bad repair from the last outage. Discovered that RealVNC a "powerful & fully encrypted remote desktop software" that I have been mindlessly using to access an embedded headless Raspberry Pi, requires an operational internet to function. Never mind that both ends are connected to my LAN. An opportunity to do non-communication related things.
  15. to be honest, "brief periods" to me can also mean several hours to even days as a "brief period" is not defined. I know, days is probably out of the question, but still, several hours until a satellite appears... could be a problem, and then, satellite outages happen, and solar storms will affect those even more and be able to knock them out temporarily or even permanently... but I know what you mean
  16. petzl

    New storm?

    There is only one IP in headers is a botnet abuse[AT]satpol[DOT]pl is this your email provider? The machine using this IP is infected with malware that is emitting spam, or is sharing a connection with an infected device. We believe this malware to be of the gamut family. https://check.spamhaus.org/listed/?searchterm=
  17. gnarlymarley

    New storm?

    I have seen this lately when the spammer is using the same provider as one of my mailhosts. I just go and delete the related mailhost, submit and then I can put it back on. Annoying when the spammers start sending me spam from the providers I use . Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source
  18. It's better than 32+ hours without internet
  19. Spamnophobic

    New storm?

    Another year, another onslaught. This example of a spam which fools SpamCop: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6711267418zdf68ad337aa8e4fc8dd805e6bbd5cb6dz is one of a particularly nasty sort of spam, which scares the living daylights out of ordinary mail users, who believe that their "accounts have been hacked" and are spooked into giving Heaven knows what away to the criminals who send these spams. Which all scares people away from communicating by e-mail, the simplest, cheapest and safest means of communication mankind ever invented, and drives them into "social media", "whatsapps" and all sorts of programmes which are more expensive and far less safe. Can we see a tendency here? Can SpamCop Admin investigate why this, and a number of similar spams, are failing to parse? Something of a spam storm seems to be going on, with all sorts of sudden failures of SpamCop reports. Yes, I did my mailhosts. Thanks, Spamnophobic
  20. No need to fear https://www.starlink.com/
  21. Earlier
  22. I simply cannot believe that you're saying. It is incredible that Century link commits such a dumb mistake.
  23. Harry Adams

    Sendgrid reports dev'nulled?

    This is quite interesting since we're talking about a really weird problem. Whenever you solve it, please let us know!
  24. I'm not sure what you saw, but sc clearly gets abuse at gtt dot net and not brookstonenetworks... 🤔
  25. You are right, I just searched on and am about to correct my post, LOL!
  26. Do you have a tracking URL? I show abuse@gtt.net as the reporting address when I try a look up. Parsing input: More Information. Reporting addresses: abuse@gtt.net
  27. abuse@gtt.net is the correct reporting for this IP address, not abuse@brookstonenetworks.com, as brookstonenetworks.com no longer exists. You searched for: Network Net Range - CIDR Name GTT-RESULTS-GENERATION Handle NET-67-200-116-0-1 Parent RGS-BLK12 (NET-67-200-0-0-1) Net Type Reassigned Origin AS AS3257 Customer Results Generation (C07425230) Registration Date 2019-09-12 Last Updated 2019-09-12 Comments ADDRESSES WITHIN THIS BLOCK ARE NON-PORTABLE RESTful Link https://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-67-200-116-0-1 See Also Upstream network's resource POC records. See Also Upstream organization's POC records. See Also Related delegations. Customer Name Results Generation Handle C07425230 Street 8127 Mesa Dr suite B206-319 City Austin State/Province TX Postal Code 78759 Country US Registration Date 2019-09-12 Last Updated 2019-09-12 Comments RESTful Link https://whois.arin.net/rest/customer/C07425230 See Also Upstream network's resource POC records. See Also Upstream organization's POC records. Point of Contact Name AS3257 Netguard Handle AS3251-ARIN Company GTT Street Hugenottenallee 167 City Neu-Isenburg State/Province Postal Code 63263 Country DE Registration Date 2009-07-03 Last Updated 2020-06-05 Comments Phone +49 6102 8235 389 (Fax) +49 6102 8235 381 (Office) Email netguard@gtt.net RESTful Link https://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/AS3251-ARIN Point of Contact Note ARIN has attempted to validate the data for this POC, but has received no response from the POC since 2020-04-30 Name GTT Abuse Department Handle GAD46-ARIN Company GTT Communications, Inc. Street 8484 Westpark Drive Suite 720 City McLean State/Province VA Postal Code 22102 Country US Registration Date 2014-04-16 Last Updated 2019-05-01 Comments Phone +1-703-442-5501 (Fax) +1-703-442-5500 (Office) Email abuse@gtt.net RESTful Link https://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/GAD46-ARIN
  28. Usually 'Transport Layer Security (TLS)" not being used by email receiver. You can check a email server IP here. https://mxtoolbox.com/diagnostic.aspx
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