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  1. I usually add fuel on a monthly basis because I don't know if I'm low or not - and this is a good cause. As for the e-mail issue - good point. However, since the mail originates from Spamcop and since it is _not_ trying to get you to log in (ie: It only goes to the web page), and since - if you hover the mouse over the link it tells you whether or not it is Spamcop, and since - once there - you could easily look at the http line and determine if it really is Spamcop or not, and since the people who use Spamcop are a bit brighter than a cow standing out in a field; I don't think it would be a bad thing to have the link. Also - why would spammers even want you do know about or use something that kills their business model? (I know I take an inordinate amount of time to answer - but my job is very demanding and this weekend is the first weekend I've had off for the last couple of months. And tomorrow I drive to another city so I won't be able to respond for a while again.) Spamcop kicks spammer's butt! Most of my spam now are one-timers. Now all I need is some time to write an AutoIt scri_pt to dump the log on my e-mail server and parse it for people trying to use my server without my permission. That'll kill off most of the rest of the spammers I'm getting. And I get a lot of "No relay rights" messages from spammers trying to forwards e-mail through my system.
  2. When I get an e-mail from Spamcop sometimes I'd like to visit the site to make sure I do/do not need to add fuel. However, Spamcop's e-mail doesn't have an active link although the first line always reads "Spamcop.net". Could that first line be changed to be a link? So all lazy a** me has to do is to just click and then the browser will pop-up and take me here? (Ok! You can stop laughing now. I know I'm lazy but I've also been meaning to come here for a while now to add fuel and I just thought that anything that helps to get people here to do so is a good idea.)
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