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  1. Good to know... never bothered looking at those settings before. Spamcop has usually been so good, there was no need
  2. I just figured out how to do this on the webmail page, and it seems to work without issue when manually logging in there, but... Can spamcop itself be configured to automatically flag spam based on character set? Since I do not speak russian, having mail with the Content-Type "charset=koi8-r" is 100% indefensible spam. Just a general feature request, not needing any support.
  3. MacOS X's Mail.app doesn't seem to have a "foward as attachment", and a full copy/paste including headers originally generated errors. This time around, I did another copy/paste and the spamcop system seems to have ignored it. (it's been at least 12 hours since I mailed it in.) How would I go about contacting the Powers That Be to get a waiver, or whatever it is to add things to the system? --h
  4. I need a little help here... or at least would like to consider this an issue with the new system. I am a registered Spamcop user (I love my spamcop.net address!) and I use it as my primary address, pulling email from assorted lesser-used POP accounts. I have activated the Mailhost system for my account, and added my ISP's information as well, and it seems to be working well. (I use RCN.com as my cable modem ISP) However, in an effort to stop abuse of badly configured mail servers on the ISP's network, it has blocked the ports needed to send mail thorugh anything but its own servers. (i.e. I can "POP and IMAP" from Spamcop, Mac.com, RCN.com and everywhere else, but 'SMTP' only through RCN.) This gives every mail I send RCN headers, and causes the mailhost registration to fail as the headers don't match the domain it was sent to. Is there any way, as yet, to add a domain/ISP without going through the automated reply-to-Spamcop message that is being sent out? ...or am i missing some previous explained point somewhere. --h
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