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  1. Yes your absolutely right, there is no difference at all in the way Wazoo answered my question (i.e. a lecture about FAQ's and searches) vs. how petzl or SpamCopAdmin answered my question.
  2. So one must see somebody or hear them in person to convey a condescending or unfriendly tone. LOL Your the smartest person on earth... And so helpful too!
  3. Actually no thanks to wazoo for his condescending tone and unfriendly manner of dealing with members of the public who don't necessarily speak "computer".
  4. Thank you petzl & SpamCopAdmin for giving me a straight forward non demeaning answer to my question.
  5. I've been a long time spamcop email user. Recently I started to report held email as spam. BIG MISTAKE... my volume of spam has increased greatly. Much of the increase in spam is pretending to come from my own spamcop email address. A lot of this email is not being caught and held by spamcop. The most annoying is spam that says Viagra right in the subject line. Can somebody tell me if its possible to automatically filter out email with Viagra in the subject line? As far as I can tell the spamcop filters seem to only work when you use webmail to check your mail not when you check via POP. thanks.
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