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  1. I'm jhermans(AT)spamcop.net and I'm a paying member for several years. I'm using 2 different forwarding services, and I have problems with both, when using the new Mailhost feature : 1 : advalvas.be I'm using jo.hermans(AT)advalvas.be, but I can't register them as a mailhost, because they seem to be blocking all traffic from spamcop. See this report (munged) : Sorry, all tests failed. We cannot deliver mail to the address you provided: jo.hermans(AT)advalvas.be. Double check the address provided or try again later. Your mailhost appears to be offline. Detailed errors: Connecting to meel.advalvas.be.: smtpSend:smtpEnvelope (service(AT)admin.spamcop.net, jo.hermans(AT)advalvas.be): smtpTo rcpt to:jo.hermans(AT)advalvas.be (553 Your ip is blocked by internal advalvas rbl. Offending ip: ) So, the test-message will never be accepted by their mailserver. How can this be fixed ? 2 : spamgourmet.com I'm also using spamgourmet.com for their forwarding service, I have several dozen of forwarding emailaddress, like XXX.N.jhermans(AT)spamgourmet.com. XXX is a keyword that keeps changing. My question is, will the "Mailhost" feature work, even when the email-address keep changing ? Can I register once, and will Spamcop then keep accepting mails form thats erver, even when the email-address keeps changing ? Would it help if I route these mails through a different mailserver first (forwarding them to advalvas.be for example) ? Thank you very much !
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