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  1. *Comment retracted for the moment.* Despite my ISP agreeing that SC reports should go direct to me, SC wants to dig deeper...
  2. Right, in an attempt to deter spammers from using my service I have implemented a redirection page which tells people clicking on sqi.sh links where they are being taken to. I'm also hoping that this will win some points with my ISP, though they are still saying that they are being flooded by SpamCop emails
  3. Hi Farelf, Thanks for the reply. I shall give that email address a try and see what I can work out with SC. It'll be a right killer for my website if my ISP has to be kept in the loop for these kind of reports, as they'll soon get fed up of receiving them and probably boot me off. Not really fair considering that all I'm doing is providing a useful public service that has 99.9% legitimate redirects, hosts nothing 'illegal' and is more than willing to be highly proactive in removing the 0.1% of links that redirect to pharmaceutical websites!
  4. Hi Guys & Gals, I've seen some of the posts already on the forum regarding URL redirection websites being spamvertised. In fact there's a thread about two down from mine about the same thing However, my question is different.... I want to actively assist with removing forwards that have been set up on my URL redirection service (http://sqi.sh). However all spam reports are going to my ISP's abuse address and only filtering their way down to me several weeks later. Not only this, but my ISP is getting narky because they think that I am hosting spam / Illegal Content and don't understand that my site is merely a URL redirect. Is it possible to have all abuse related emails from spamcop for my website forwarded directly to me? I think its quite important for me to be alerted as soon as my site address appears in a spam email, as I can see from our stats that previous URL's have had 10,000+ visits from unsuspecting public Thanks in advance. Jim
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