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  1. You need to see headers? I think this is a problem, i'm just using VB.net functions 'Net.Mail' to send the message, it's a standard function, i think that there's no way to get headers.
  2. What i was trying to say is that if i send the same message with Thunderbird to the same mail address with the same pdf attachment using the same smtp server, user and password a few minutes later, the customer receives it correctly. So maybe it's not a matter of IP, maybe there are other parameters checked by the 'blocker' on the spamcop db?
  3. Thank you for your answers, SpamCop doesn't block any message, i apologize if i used this wrong words. The text in the quote is an error message received after sending one mail from my software. Of the two IPs only one is the outgoing server (,smtp204.alice.it), the other one ( is my PC's IP. Thunderbird is configured in the same way of my software. The SMTP server is "out.alice.it", i don't know how this thing works but it redirects messages to servers named "smtp20x.alice.it" (where x is a random number from 1 to 9) That's all, i don't really know how to get out of this situation.
  4. Hello everybody, i've got a problem with some mail sent from a program i developed with VB.net. This software sends monthly invoices (pdf attachment) to all customers mail addresses in our database. Some of this messages are blocked by SpamCop. If i send the same messages using Thunderbird instead of my software SpamCop don't block them. This is the error message i get when i try to send the messages. Thank you for your help
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