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  1. This is unhelpful. My ISP is BT, one of the largest. Spamcop labels their servers as a source of spam whilst agreeing that my emails, which are for business purposes, are not spam and refuses or is unable to "whitelist" them. The consequence is that Spamcop knowingly causes legitimate traffic to be blocked. Even if the server problem is sorted out (beyond my control) it takes 24 hours before messages are allowed through again. The bottom line is that Spamcop does not work as it cannot differentiate between spam and legitimate traffic, surely that is essential. spam is a real problem but this is a crude solution. Further, getting in touch with Spamcop is a virtual impossibility as no contact details are provided although I do acknowledge prompt PM achieved through this BB.
  2. Spamcop has suddenly started causing error messages from many email recipients. It is a nightmare. How on earth do I get them to stop blocking things - it is causing me no end of problems and the FAQ is simply not comprehensible and they do not provide any contact information to get in touch with them. My outgoing mail server belongs to a very very large UK ISP. The email addresses are approximately 10 years old and are used for personal and business email so changing them is not an option. How do I get in touch with Spamcop to rectify this. Thanks
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