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  1. Hi, Yes, I use spamcop bl and it surely worls. Quote from maillog: I don't like to use spamhaus sice they're inadequate at least with their SBL listings. They blocking large networks, often not networks of real spammers, but networks of hosting providers who had few issues with something like malware or forum spam on their servers. That's what happened to our dedicated servers provider: criminals rushed for their servers during two months or so, provider reacted to every abuse, but spamhaus listed them with explaination "Just to much crap" and their SBL Policy Team just not replying. I've even seen livejournal and twitter in their SBL. Today I received another spam from telecomitalia. Check this out: ht tp://pastebin.com/uEkTbm0Y I checked the ip this spam origin and it looks like no one listing it, neither spamhaus not everyone else. http://multirbl.valli.org/dnsbl-lookup/ Admin edit: unknown URL broken so as to prevent any 'accidents' .... unsnipped quoted material also removed.
  2. I receiving spam only from telecomitalia and superkabel.de (sometimes also from proxad.net) networks every day, I reporting about every mail every day for months and nothing changes! Please, block dynamic ip ranges of these internet providers!
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