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  1. Agreed. I've seen enough, and I'm convinced they're not stopping the flow of spam. I've looked up a couple other providers and I'll be biting the bullet in the next couple of days. Thanks, all, for making the evidence clear and responding so promptly and enthusiastically.
  2. Apptix is pretty huge. They've probably got dozens of chefs and hundreds if not thousands of employees or outsourced support people. Simply leaving isn't as easy with hosted Exchange as it would be with a POP/IMAP provider. My users and I have gigabytes in mail, contact, calendar, task, and note data that we'd need to migrate to a new provider. I'd want to know that the hosted server has a fairly clean reputation first, and that seems to be impossible to do. The SCBL and others list specific IPs or even URLs for individual servers - not for companies as a whole. Sure, I can find a few URLs for other providers' servers and check their reputations, but I have no way to know the actual originating IP or IP range of the server I'll be put on. Apptix has assured me that they'll be running all outgoing mail through MessageLabs servers starting mid/late July. It could take me that long to get comfortable with a new provider. The whole thing really sucks. Particularly considering that, after 4 weeks of pain now due to Spamcop listings, they're still only on Spamcop, not a single other BL.
  3. Here's an excerpt from correspondence received from my Partner Account Manager at Apptix: "We make every effort to prevent unsolicited mail, bulk mail, and the like to originate from our platform. Because we are a self sign up, hosted Exchange provider, the occasional spammer does get in. As soon as they are detected however, they are shut down right away. Unfortunately, in some cases the damage is already done." This seems to be at odds with the evidence provided to me by the Spamcop admins. And it looks like these messages continue to arrive. It seems obvious that the messages are ongoing, that they are unsolicited, and - worse - that they are condoned. Those messages didn't look like a vulnerability exploit offering V14G4R4. They look like unsolicited messages and that they aren't likely to stop anytime soon. But, before I simply jump ship to another provider that might have similar issues - I've been with Apptix for 3 years mostly trouble free - how can I do enough due diligence to ensure that the other provider isn't ultimately as bad or worse? Thanks, all.
  4. They've been telling me how difficult it's been to contact you, and that these have been false positives, but I must admit your (very quick) replies have been convincing. I've pointed them to this thread. Anyone care to recommend a reliable hosted Exchange provider with good reseller support?
  5. My outgoing server with them is out001.collaborationhost.net, which has the IP range The POOR results all seem to point to Spamcop. None of other blacklists list them. I doubt any hosting provider can have 100% perfect record over time, but their policies and actions when something inevitably does go wrong must have some weight, no? If they were still sending spam, wouldn't they be on more blacklists than just Spamcop?
  6. I'm an IT consultant and I use Apptix as my hosted Exchange provider. Over the past 3 years, I've found them to be reliable and honest. As far as I know, they're one of the largest (if not the largest) providers of hosted Exchange products. I also believe them to have a very strict no-spam policy and they seem to take swift action to get rid of spammers. Over the past 2 weeks, several of their IPs have been listed in Spamcop's RBL. Obviously this is a serious problem for me and my users, since we're routinely having our mail blocked seemingly without any real recourse. Apptix has assured me that they are absolutely not sending out any spam since they killed the compromised user account, and they seem to have taken every reasonable measure to notify Spamcop of this. Seemingly incomprehensibly, their servers continue to show up in the Spamcop blacklist, and even more incomprehensibly the IPs - that Apptix have assured me are absolutely secure and not spamming - keep reappearing. So, is Apptix sending spam? Or is Spamcop accepting faulty reports, or accepting old data as new? I trust Apptix's legitimacy so I guess I question Spamcop's practices here. Any comments?
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