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  1. Your question is irrelevant and distracts from the issue. Maybe you are not aware that an e-mail client can receive e-mail from one service and then forward it via a different service. The issue is: HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY FORWARD spam TO SPAMCOP VIA E-MAIL WHEN THE OUTGOING E-MAIL SERVER IS SCANNING FOR, AND BLOCKING, SUSPECTED OUTGOING spam (AND VIRUS E-MAIL). I see discussions all of the time in the SpamCop forums were people are trying to understand why their spam reports are "getting lost." I am sure that in many cases the problem is outbound e-mail scanning, as implemented by their ISP (or their company, if they are reporting spam from work), that is deleting the spam report e-mails before they can be sent. This problem is not isolated to my company, or my ISP (for personal e-mail), and needs to be addressed. BTW, "companies" should be spelled "company's". My answer is, "Yes," I am requesting a change in SpamCop.
  2. As I stated, the "ISP" is my company. It is its outbound e-mail scanning policy that is the impediment to sending spam e-mails as attachments to SpamCop. Can someone from SpamCop get involved in this issue, rather than just ignore it? The issue will not go away and will only get worse as more companies implement their own outbound e-mail scanning policies. The development team at SpamSource is willing to implement a joint solution (from the client side), but it will take the cooperation of SpamCop as well. I am willing to spend some time to help spec out a design. And then, later, to test the new code.
  3. I recently received a phishing e-mail, allegedly from Washington Mutual. I was disappointed to see that when SpamCop processed the e-mail, that there was no automatic report to be sent to the security department at Washington Mutual, i.e., to e-mail address spoof[at]wamu.com, as disclosed on the Washington Mutual web site. I sugggest adding this as a SpamCop enhancement.
  4. When I attempt to send spam reports to SpamCop, while logged on to my company's network, over 50% of the reports get blocked due to my company's outbound e-mail scanning policy. (I use Outlook, SpamSource, and send the reports as attachments.) Therefore, I am forced to post via the SpamCop web page -- which works, but is not very efficient or convenient. Is SpamCop willing to implement an special attachment encoding format to allow the spam reports to be sent without being blocked? This would be a shared encoding format between SpamSource (and other third parties) and SpamCop. It would not have to be a very sophisticated algorithm, just enough to circumvent (in a good way) the blocking due to outbound e-mail scanning. It could be as simple as reversing each pair of characters... Thanks!
  5. Please see URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6401091/
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