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    Reporting to Spammer?

    Thanks for the feedback folks. I will just continue to uncheck the reports about the spamvertised website.
  2. Kewl

    Reporting to Spammer?

    tracking... z6472540791zbc4dc308f7bf81c46ac845f7c9579a94z
  3. Are the reports about this spamvertised website going to the spammer? Re: http://www.superlative.com/landing/studio-agent... (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam) dkanash{AT}superlativeDOTcom
  4. It's been a over a month and since I've been able to report spam arriving in my hotmail account. All reports would be sent to report_spam@hotmail.com whether they had anything to do with source of spam or not. I refuse to bother their abuse dept with frivolous reports.
  5. HN Support, Everyone can uncheck report_spam @ hotmail, but not everyone has the option to fill in user field. That's a spamcop premium user option. Also, Filling in the optional user report field with the correct abuse email does not contribute to the blacklist for that spammer.
  6. petzl, Sometimes reports get sent thru to abuse@level3.com About 25% reports get sent, and 75% reports are disabled. I'm not sure why but definitely games are being played by this ISP.
  7. It's open season on Hotmail users until parser gets fixed and can correctly identify source of spam. Here is another example of mis-directed abuse reports... https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6457322955zd3ebaf3de822b24885a674cf2ee4be95z Parser mistakenly discards this crucial header line... Received: from smtp12-iad-sp1.mta.salesforce.com ( by AM5EUR02FT049.mail.protection.outlook.com ( with Microsoft SMTP Server
  8. HN Support... exactly right. It's a parser error. The parser discarded the most important header... Chain error HE1EUR02FT053.mail.protection.outlook.com not equal to last sender received line discarded Hotmail changed its handling of incoming email about a week or two ago. It is messing up the parser. Now every spam I report goes to report_spam @ hotmail.com. That's worse than useless, it wastes the time of abuse dept at hotmail. Until the parser is fixed, there is no point in me reporting the spam I get in my hotmail account.
  9. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6456935238zc9f4b8319848eaa131eed78bd3aadf85z Wants to erroniously send report to report_spam@hotmail.com