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  1. Perfect, thanks. I'm not sure why my earlier submissions failed to parse, but they're working now so all is well. Brad.
  2. I'm having a little difficulty adding a new e-mail address where the mailhosts would be identical to an existing e-mail address. For example, I have the following: address1[at]mydomain.com is fully configured, and when I log into my SpamCop account and click the MailHosts tab, there it is. I can submit spam sent to *that* address no problem. I now want to add address2[at]mydomain.com. So I go through the "Add new hosts" process. A short time later I get the "account configuration email" at this second address. I click on the link that gets me to the "action=mhreturn" page, and paste in the full headers from this message, and the message body with the "special codes" as instructed. I've looked at the headers & codes, and they all look correct to me and point to address2[at]mydomain.com. The mhreturn page says that it successfully added the new mailhost. Great. Click on the Mailhosts tab, and the new email address is not there! Nothing's actually changed. If I try to submit spam that was sent to address2, it fails during the parsing stage with a mailhosts error, same as it did before I started this process. What am I missing? Brad.
  3. I've been reporting via SpamCop for years. I wrote an Outlook add-in that does my own brand of spam blocking, and includes a "Report to SpamCop" feature. It's been working for a very long time (I don't even remember how many years now). Recently I'd been noticing that I'd often click on my "Report" button, send out the report, and never hear back. I'd just assumed some of my outgoing messages had been "eaten" somewhere in transit, and didn't fret about it. But this morning I did some experimentation and I've discovered the culprit. Typically, my outgoing message will have my SpamCop submission address in the BCC line (which was the documented approach at some point). If the sending system was "known" (eg. aol.com), I'd manually add "abuse[at]aol.com" in the To line, but that was atypical. I've discovered that if my message goes out with *only* the BCC, I'd never get a response back, and SpamCop's system would deny having received it. But if there's a 'To' address, then all is well, I'll get the SpamCop submission response minutes later. My question(s): is this a known problem? Is it a deliberate action on SpamCop's part to ignore incoming Report messages without 'To' (or presumably CC) recipients? I did poke through the FAQs and forum stickies, and I didn't see any notes on this. Edit: It seems this isn't 100%, since I just sent a subsequent test message with no 'To', and *it* generated the response. So there's something else in play. Brad.