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  1. YEAH! It's back up and running! (Until next weekend?)
  2. Glad to see it back up. Getting spam from a porn site. Tons of it! Looks like a 'joe job'.
  3. Well that lasted for about a half an hour! Back to getting errors.
  4. I don't if it is just related to the time of night (12:46 a.m., July 6) but I am back to normal. Reporting spam and am not getting any delays at all. Responses coming back in just seconds. Hope this is a good sign.
  5. Same here. Just trying to log in to www.spamcop.net will give me that error
  6. I have two separate spamcop email accounts. The one [at]cesmail.net is working just fine. Very fast. The one [at]spamcop.net is not working at all. Cannot even log into the account. Would be nice to get an update from someone. Maybe I spoke too soon. I am into both accounts with no problems now.
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