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  1. After several years of enthusiastically using SC to report spam, this many-month inability to deliver email to a large subset of people (including several I need to be able to reach) without being forced to re-check the sender address on every email I send (doh! change it to something other than spamcop, or it will be blocked if the recipient is on msn.com, microsoft.com, hotmail, etc.!), or "use the webmail interface" (um... yeah, right...)... I've given up the ghost... Or rather SC has! I've advised friends/family/associates/etc. to use another address for my wife and I. Come renewal time that will be it for the PAID service for us. What a sad ending for a great idea, this was a serious fumble on the part of spamcop (and CESMail/whoever), if you ask me...
  2. I don't suppose anyone has come up with a backup solution for Mac OS X other than relying on Time Machine... That's a nice solution for individual file rollback, or even for restoring/migrating a machine, but not ideal for a failsafe email backup I think... When the outage happened last week it happened that my Mail program was shut down, so I immediately copied ~/Library/Mail/ to another location, and for good measure I also right-clicked that same directory and selected "Compress Mail" which compressed it to Mail.zip in the same location. Just in case. Thankfully, things returned to normal within about a day. But it reminded me... again... that I don't have a very great email backup solution in place......... So, any Mac OS X email backup solutions people have found? Thanks!
  3. Hey, thanks for the advice, luisalbondigas, but not sure this would work for either my wife or I... Each of us has 2-3 devices tied into our IMAP accounts and we wanted to continue being able to see & respond to any/all emails from whichever was closest at hand. IMAP was ideal until the specter of it all going away came up. We're both happily using Apple Mail, and if a hands-free backup were available that didn't risk IMAP's clever lemming move (you lost all emails? Ok, let me delete everything too!!!), well that would be awesome. Even if it involved using TBird on the side every X days or hours. I sure hope someone has ideas on this...
  4. Hmm... I'm also not on Windows (Mac OS X 'Lion' in my case). I also understood some re IMAP, enough to get myself in trouble... I had periodically dragged all emails from before the current year to a local directory (in the 'On My Mac' section, and these were not lost), but that doesn't do anything for recent (important!) email, and I hadn't done that to my wife's computer this year either... Man, she was PO'ed! I had sold her on SC. So today it finally came back and re-downloaded and indexed over several hours. Phew. Now I'm thinking I need a more robust & automatic solution. Time machine to NAS perhaps. With periodic clones. If I can remember to do it amongst all the other chores/responsibilities... Anyone have any insight specifically re OS X workflows/tools? Thanks! ndav
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