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  1. As a Constant Contact customer, I have suffered greatly due to Spamcop's listing of their IP addresses. A few things I don't understand. 1) Every e-mail sent from Constant Contact includes an Unsubscribe link. If a recipient clicks on this link, there is no way the Constant Contact customer who sent the earlier e-mail can ever send again to that address again, without the recipient's explicit approval. It does not seem legitimate for people to report these e-mails as spam when they have this easy Unsubscribe link available. 2) As I understand, Spamcop will list an IP based on reporting by third parties. What's to prevent a competitor, or someone else with a grudge against Constant Contact from reporting them as Spammers? While Spamcop says that it takes reports from more than one or two users to cause a listing, do we know how many different people are reporting Constant Contact? Is it always the same few people? 3) I believe that all acknowledge that Constant Contact has no intention to spam or abet Spammers. That being the case, if Constant Contact mail is indeed getting received by some spam traps (whether pure or not), is Spamcop sharing the trap addresses with Constant Contact, to enable them to easily identify which of their customers are sending to these addresses? Constant Contact is certainly a reputable company, and should be trusted to treat this information with the appropriate confidentiality. (They can always be asked to sign an appropriate non-disclosure agreement.) 4) While Spamcop may feel that they are helping protect the innocent by blocking Constant Contact's IP addresses, they are actually hurting, and causing financial loss, to a much greater number of innocent people - Constant Contact's customers, and the people who want to receive mail from them.
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