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  1. I've noticed some registered network Admin e-mail adresses, to whom spam reports get sent, turn up as 'nobody[at]example.com', which is obviously a fake address, to the human eye. Who is responsible for public networks if "nobody" is the Admin? Could a new feature be created to carbon copy these reports to Spamcop, so that "fake admins" are controlled, even if just for statistics purposes, like the "/dev/null'd" ones? Thank you! Chuck
  2. Yes, this is the Gmail "show original" pop-up window with e-mail's full headers and text format. They usually go to the spam folder, this one didn't. I obviously pushed the Report spam button, which all it does is put it in my spam folder, where it should have gone in the first place. So I guess my question is, spamcop cannot report it? Not even to Gmail postmasters? Ty for yr time, Chuck P.S.- The ironic thing is, you say it is from the Gmail Intranet, but I followed the link and it takes me to a chinese online store, with an online call answerer that talks to me in chinese! 80% of spam I get these days are in chinese characters can you believe it? They're gonna buy us ALL up!
  3. I have no problems processing, reporting, and sending reports. I have configured my Mailhost, I have no problem finding full e-mail headers. THIS particular spam however, which was undetected by Gmail, and went to my normal Inbox folder, presents "apparently" normal full headers with "return-paths" and "received from" IP's. Yet, the Spamcop parser reports "No source IP address found, cannot proceed."[...] "Nothing to do." I would like to get help on how to make the headers readable to the parser, since it is obviously being obfuscated by some paramater. Thank you. Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5221298212zd...15e5f76a8b21faz Note-I have kept a copy of it, I can send the full original mail to anyone who would care to help me. Thx again. Chuck Gary
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