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  1. I have been receiving porn spam for sites hosted by Namecheap for months now. This takes the porn of a group text message with just a link to a porn sites as the only content. The sites are hosted by Namecheap. Namecheap refuses to do anything. This has been happening for month and some of the messages are in the middle of the night. It seem Namecheap is actually in the business of protecting porn spammers.
  2. I have not had any problem with copying the headers out of Yahoo. However, when I copy the body I just get the text not the website addresses linked to that text. Because of that I am not reporting any scam website referenced in the spam. The view source option gives me the source for the whole Yahoo page not the message.
  3. How do I do this with Yahoo Mail. In the past I would just forward as attachment but that is not a function which is available with Yahoo any more.
  4. This has not worked for me for weeks. Who knows if it will ever come back.
  5. ALT+Shift+F is sill not working for me. This is two computers with two different browsers. Both browsers have been shut down several time without any change.
  6. When I use the ALT + Shift + F method my messages are still forwarded in-line not as an attachment. This is both with IE and Firefox.
  7. It is still not working for me. I tried with both the newest release of Firefox and IE10.
  8. Not "cause" but certainly someone from Spamcop could reach out to Yahoo and try to work out the problem.
  9. Can someone remove the [Resolved] tag from this thread? Obviously this is no longer resolved. Should we start a new thread?
  10. I report spam from my Yahoo account to Spamcop regularly. As of this AM, the Alt + Shift + F no longer works. It looks like Yahoo changed something to take away this functionality.
  11. For awhile this stopped happening much for me. Now I am seeing this problem regularly again.
  12. Why can't Spamcop and Yahoo get together and fix this?
  13. This is still happening just not with every message.
  14. At this point I am not going to bother reporting any spam. I'll check back in the future to see if this starts working again.
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