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  1. I tried to use the contact form for requesting help on the website also (which was reached from https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/401.html by pressing the "Reason for contact:" button underneath the heading "Other reasons for contact" after filling a reason similar to the title of this thread. This gave the error message "Sorry, there was an error sending.", William
  2. Okay, now the problem is that if I attempt to send reports for the unreported spam saved in the system that generated error messages similar to the one above and that failed to send reports, the system thinks that reports have already been sent and I get the warning/ error message "Reports regarding this spam have already been sent", William
  3. I'm getting SMTP related errors when I attempt to post spam reports (using the form on the website at www.spamcop.net, while logged into my account). Basically what happens is I post the header and body of the spam e-mail into the form and press the "Process spam" button, then when I confirm the spam report on the following page I get an error message like the one below: Can't send report: smtpEnvelope (6459727860.d5229fbb[at]bounces.spamcop.net, abuse[at]pldt.net): smtpFrom: mail From 6459727860.d5229fbb[at]bounces.spamcop.net: error (452 #4.3.1 temporary system error (12) ) Can't send report: smtpEnvelope (6459727864.131bf633[at]bounces.spamcop.net, abuse[at]pldt.com): smtpFrom: mail From 6459727864.131bf633[at]bounces.spamcop.net: error (550 No expected reply from SMTP) The details of the error messages vary according to the addresses the report was intended to be sent to. I have seven unreported spams saved in the system that I can't post reports for because of this problem. The problem is happening with every spam report I attempt to send right now, William
  4. I attempted to "add fuel to my account" by following the link to "Proceed to Verisign payment page". After entering credit card details, I eventually get the error message: Transaction declined! Your transaction was approved! However, a communication error with the merchant's site occured. The transaction has been voided, please contact the merchant. When I follow the link at the bottom of Verisign's error page for "Information", I get to a Spamcop.net page with the following uninformative error message: Unknown action failure I've already made two attempts at payments - about a week ago - and another one today and it appears the problem is something that Spamcop - "the merchant" - has to resolve. I have snapshots of the relevant pages in PDF format that I can send by e-mail if necessary; but I doubt this will provide any new information apart from what is in my message above. Also, the page at https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=paymenu that goes to the Verisign payment page refers to there being "two online payment options" when it appears in fact there is only one online payment option at present. I remember using Paypal to pay to "add fuel" to my reporting account in the past; but this does not seem to be available any more. I was actually wondering why Paypal is unavailable as a method of payment now? Is anybody else having difficulties with this? (All of the other posts that I can find about "adding fuel" appear to be related to CES mail or very old), William
  5. Actually shift-Alt-F worked for forwarding e-mail attachments today. (I forgot it was broken and then realised halfway through forwarding some spam that it had been broken yesterday.) I like to download e-mail to archive it and for reading offline in another mail reader (pine, still); but my process for doing this is very kludgy so I'm actually behind by months. In principle, I could either use pine or possibly MacMail (which is the reader I use for the actual download) to forward mail with full headers I think. (I'm usually reporting spam mail to SpamCop that successfully ended up in Yahoo's spam folder and access to mail in the spam folder that is left online from a mail reader like pine via POP is broken), William
  6. The timing of when things get broken is funny - I suppose it depends what is cached in the browser. I only just noticed that shift-Alt-F was broken for forwarding e-mail attachments on Yahoo mail today although I'm sure I forwarded mail without problems yesterday, William
  7. The search as you describe it actually gives the error message: One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please go back and increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords. Presumably you did not actually try this search yourself, or you would know that it doesn't work. I think the word that causes the problem is "as" although it is embedded in a phrase in quotation marks. Searching with: Yahoo discarded fake 2014 gives 17 pages of results which is a substantial number (very roughly 400?) of topics/ threads to search through manually for relevant help, William
  8. When reporting spam e-mail using Spamcop, I have started to frequently get the error message "Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source". Therefore, I attempted to fix my mailhost configuration; but I continue to get the error message with a number of spam e-mails (which has recently grown to be the majority of the spam that I receive, I think). In my attempts to fix my mailhost configuration, I ran all the tests for hosts with my main e-mail provider (Yahoo) and removed hosts for two e-mail addresses that are no longer active (i.e. Freeserve/ Orange and leeds.ac.uk). I seem to get problems either if I use the cut-and-paste method to report e-mail (i.e. obtaining the header with "View Full Header" and cutting and pasting the body of the message separately) or the Shift-Alt-F method to forward the entire message, including the full header, as an attachment. I had a look in the forums for users with similar problems. I have already contacted service[at]spamcop.net to report difficulties of this kind with spam reporting. I received a reply that Yahoo had made changes to their headers; and that the SpamCop admin had made the necessary fixes to the reporting service. However, I am still getting the mailhost configuration and other related errors with the majority of my reported spam at the moment. From manually examining the content of headers, it looks like Yahoo routes high volume e-mail (including spammers) via other servers; but that may be either totally wrong or not responsible for the difficulties. I have included output for a recent failed spam report below. I would be interested in suggestions for workarounds, up to and including suggesting alternatives to SpamCop for spam reporting (although I don't think there are any similar free or free-ish services currrently in existence), William X-Apparently-To: x via; Sun, 18 May 2014 09:14:35 +0000 X-YahooFilteredBulk: Received-SPF: none (domain of mail.mn does not designate permitted sender hosts) X-YMailISG: WPfrl2sWLDseYx32DFRpq5xCuZN88.HL0s7woTovLBiCIlAs I_tiKs93UinqkzzHwy7mPtAxnQcLE..r4yPW_upCsz2pkKhKJ0iztcGt.olk f3gL2R.Ugpc5r8xoEy_cY7LjT71thPyjSuy8LoNKbNdplBboU_ZRkQ.nVm.F aU8eMN6_4MryFVEUjvF4ySQNa8nFOrCRNsqxQAeIJ73XkC5315I1Rhwgkb1B bG8DG_RkdvHFg5NApExvIK3vmT.AWUKnS5Th7t1.pwSF.8sRl9nd9hs4j9Aj _yPRrstIrehljVaXTRqLEB0Gd1X4CSI1Akrw75ais2Asl7Arj994XN2LA7oW VuUzQYOc_49iiSAR5BJl11AC3Wh7lM8RpjdsJ2SzS7vKFxPE1u1FX5iV4eyj PIR6JnH19vJdMuhDmhuSIUsRVWmF9ogfgzSzXArP2EFyJeCyR1g9rajVpdVl EztbQYClje4BykEc2xO9ZloguzYJJcRZ59YGeKkyF3X2151qKCXu3CmziTEv TF2N44QT_e1GMQ4e6kgAnYicse2e9VL6xVe8ouTQ0yG0v0oECRY9WWWwkldU uJmj.3qqu8HTtRrqzUnqRIUY7yQ9MDCgvWvBkM8B3RXGeZDZCcs5caw7Ii75 4B0hNyVeP5b5DB3SvcOyrb6UxXjHEBPguKbDdauMpfopXIy.HZGRhSH2l5IJ 1rpH0Twc190OEO_NdR3gKduJoYeoY9EIq3d78FOXgOsw3n5hr5irW8JvuJbG h8Ld6ft8UIuWs7MXouXKtMk4IO3uAz2_g_e3E97ZXUl2CHUm8mpcq5J0MCpS JbDjFF2Bb1uwuvSAgFCIMpsSbjX9YcVALYUc995XNQSKg47He56rrgUQVkxO UmPONt01PFX.iGdxxNd4ukJWtJhh0gg36oIdrQeiv8GQIYQceimf6uOQAFUJ 85fVffEAQEM3KORST1HeKPeBrIvzVqSvQsj3YhRo9KZ1jD7hn6XBgucQz7h_ oHHgIQw60QErKfEMv4aPCRVvOLzTzT.WDXBrO1J9D8B5FZ1.Jl6TS9BFv4bA DbWD_iY6YR9elsbyi_ae2P1U72hq0I9LevvehxJPOTQfKx9hAsf3MyxpTvxO eSLpmCKJQCX0hh9h8.qJBgRaaQStLVj7.sBcq_YE6bDEuKrXzff4eGvKEMkY X1NMiPf4_Et.NWV2DIi7tZ5YgfbInL68ehLEvbjQWH_AqHjq7cpJUe2nRd8O QRfV6.VvPW4zzq..aGTIwVbhjnop6UvSexDoXm1SONDlx_7unuClXlgL9XjD CKrA7qgwoxuqW1uDFNYEEUfaBnLwxpcPLlsb_h4M5PwLWHsdGp1EzlY.27PL 8NKO55gIXfVCiYrWWi0u41A_TfS.kRQL5N2KgS2joTwA_5BLo15pWs5AcPAy TDqpKEJ4z6e0B5e5Jmij25JbKFQXbswJp29EK5PZY0uyyLdAANU- X-Originating-IP: [] Authentication-Results: mta1291.mail.ne1.yahoo.com from=mail.mn; domainkeys=neutral (no sig); from=mail.mn; dkim=neutral (no sig) Received: from ( by; Sun, 18 May 2014 09:14:35 +0000 Received: from (HELO smtpbig004.onecommunications.net) (EHLO mta1291.mail.ne1.yahoo.com) ( by mta1291.mail.ne1.yahoo.com with SMTP; Sun, 18 May 2014 09:14:34 +0000 Received: (qmail 16678 invoked from network); 18 May 2014 09:14:19 -0000 Received: from unknown (HELO ? ( by smtpbig004.onecommunications.net with SMTP; 18 May 2014 09:14:19 -0000 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Description: Mail message body Subject: TRANSFER OF $9.7M DOLLARS To: x <x> From: "World Bank IMF" <info[at]mail.mn> Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 04:14:03 -0500 Reply-To: williams.mary64[at]yahoo.com.ph Content-Length: 672 View entire message Parsing header: 0: Received: from ( by; Sun, 18 May 2014 09:14:35 +0000 Hostname verified: web142616.mail.bf1.yahoo.com Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts Will not trust this Received line. Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source Mailhost: Please correct this situation - register every email address where you receive spam No source IP address found, cannot proceed. Add/edit your mailhost configuration Finding full email headers Submitting spam via email (may work better) Example: What spam headers should look like Nothing to do.
  9. I got a similar error message with three consecutive e-mail messages I attempted to report so far, William
  10. I noticed I seem to be getting a huge number of internal server errors when submitting spam reports today (18th of December 2012) and also the odd gateway timeout. Are there any known outages, server problems, etc that I should be aware of? William Nicholson
  11. I can't even visit the top level page (i.e. www.spamcop.net ) without errors now. I got "error when processing directive" then I got one concerning authorization. And now I have one stating "Sorry, your account has been disabled". Just noticed that I have an e-mail claiming that I have exceeded the daily submission limit which is ridiculous, William
  12. Now I seem to have a new problem. The reporting page hung for a rather long time and instead of giving a gateway timeout, I got this instead: Parsing header: got sigalarm, taking too long to process, aborted. Perhaps you can wait a few minutes and reload? William
  13. I'm getting severe "Gateway Timeout" problems when attempting to report spam today and it seems to have been happening off and on for the past few weeks. (Because of the mechanics of the way I report spam on my Mac with keyboard shortcuts, etc, the hangs on the website make it much more painful and long winded to report spam when the hanging/ "Gateway Timeout" problem occurs), William
  14. I haven't had any response yet and also it appears that my account has not been reactivated within the stated 24 hours, despite what it said in the e-mail message from the SpamCop administrator. (I also e-mailed the deputies' address today and filled out the contact form on the SpamCop website although that was only about three hours ago, I think), William
  15. While reporting the day's spam on spamcop.net, I got an error message stating that my account was disabled for reporting spam, apparently due to exceeding the daily limit. (I have reported more spam e-mail in a single day in the past.) The main spamcop.net page now includes the above text at the top (when I am logged in): "Sorry, your account has been disabled. Sorry, your account has been disabled. Please check your email for an explanation or contact SpamCop service." I did receive the e-mail referred to and it stated: "In the 24 hours starting Tue May 22 06:19:58 2012, you have submitted over spams for processing, which exceeds our daily submission limit. No more submissions will be accepted. Your reporting account is disabled. Please reply if you are reporting spam in good faith and feel your account should be reinstated." I replied about an hour ago and I haven't received a response yet. Sorry if I seem a bit hasty reporting on the forum as well already; but the ability to report spam expires after only two days. The reply that I sent is: "I'm surprised that my reporting account is disabled. I am reporting spam in good faith and do indeed feel my account should be reinstated. I'm not aware what the daily submission limit is - I don't think I was every informed of one although I did donate some money to spamcop in the past year. If action was actually taken regarding previously reported spam, then I don't think I would have so much spam to report. In any case, I think I only reported about nine spam e-mail messages today - according to the report history for my account, of which only eight have reports filed. By the way, the e-mail from spamcop does not have a sensible send time (the year is 1970!) - it seems odd that a spam reporting service should be sending out e-mail messages that do not appear to have sensible information in the mail headers". The bogus send time appears to be something that is found by Yahoo's web-based mail reader (which is revealed when I choose the option to reply). I can't actually see a 1970 date "in the clear" by casual inspection of the header (although a number of fields in the header are quite long and look like garbage - I don't think they intended for humans to read). According to my records, I paid (or "donated") 15 dollars for a year's service to Spamcop in January this year, William Nicholson
  16. I have been getting frequent hangs with the spam reporting form today - both accessing the main page at http://www.spamcop.net and the subsequent steps after pressing the "Process spam". Sometimes the hangs finally end with a time out related error message. Is there some problem on the server? Things did eventually speed up today so I don't have a copy of the time out error messages unfortunately, William
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