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    Hi Everyone, I faithfully report ALL my spam email to spam cop and ALL my spam resolves to Bit.ly.com at the end (it starts from many different sites). I've reported many 1,000's of spams to them VIA spam Cop (Abuse[at]bit.ly.com) and all I get is more spam, it started out at 25 spams a day and now it's up to 175 spams a day and rising because I started using spam cop. Why do I continue to faithfully report to abuser[at]bit.ly.com through spam cop and my thanks is MORE spam, increasing daily. Like I said at the bottom line every spam resolves from bit.ly.com and 1,000 sends to them (abuse[at]bit.ly.com) only gives more spam. How else can I halt all the spam I receive? Is my situation unique in using spam cop? Thanks for all help, Steve
  2. Hi All, I've sent out about a 1,000 reports and they seem to be ignored 100% spam report id 5841940682 sent to: spamcop[at]mailservices.yahoo.com spam report id 5841940683 sent to: abuse[at]gblx.net spam report id 5841940684 sent to: abuse[at]ovh.net spam report id 5841940685 sent to: abuse[at]vsnl.co.in Yahoo has about a 1,000 other ignored spam reports does it really react? Can anyone give me more info on these spammers, Spamcop can't seem to stop them, what else can I do? Thanks for any help or information anyone has! Steve
  3. StevieT123

    Reporting problems today?

    My paid account has been broken for a week at least, is Spamcop SPAMMED? Steve
  4. StevieT123

    Reporting problems today?

    Been failing off & on for a week now, today has been exceptionally bad An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.7d4f32d0.1341350592.6bdf5c2
  5. Hi All, Recently I've been receiving many spam emails, that SpamCop tells me Error: Couldn't parse head I use Gmail and use the Show original option and it has worked for many months just fine and now suddenly many spam emails, give me this error in SpamCop. Here is an example http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5287311510zf...751e750bbf974ez Is there anything I can do to correct this problem? Thanks for any help or information, Steve